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Woah what's this gallery of shit now?
Yeah I'm pretty fucking sure no ones gonna wanna steal anything from here wow this gallery is so full of fail.



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm Rip~!
Not much to be said, I'm just kinda here doodling my silly little pictures and writing out little scenarios I see in my head. Maybe roleplaying here and there. Mostly I'm just lost off in my own little world.
I'm a total nerd for way too much stuff. So much so that I'm not going to bore anyone by listing it.
And I dunno I suppose that's it? Other random shit will be below uvu

For Late Requests, Art Trades, ETC please read this-

If I owe you art or anything, please please PLEASE remind me about it politely! I tend to forget really easy and thus forget about art I owe. Trust me, I won't think of you as annoying if you do. Chances are I'll be all "omfg I'm so sorry" and get it done the same day so I don't forget(or make a reminder in my calendar on my phone)
thank you ;u;

My wonderful amazingly awesome girlfriend.
Seriously, I adore you so much, Chey. Words will never be able to express how happy I am to be with you. Let me know if I can do anything for you~~
//together since 10/10/14//

these two are my bffs
:iconsneaky-purrloin: :heart:
:icondeathskid: (shes also my moirail~)

these are the other awesome people i know

Inspirations~ ;ww;

i don't even know those last two people but just their work inspires me like wow man
but yeah you should totally check them all out. their work is amazing o:

Rip Pixel .:Commission:. by Tigerpelt526

don't mind this, this is just a little to do list.

:bulletred: Sketch RQ for :icondeathskid:
:bulletred: Sketch RQ for :iconmiko-mei:
:bulletred: Sketch RQ for :iconfurguylover:
:bulletred: Gifts for people
:bulletred: Dark Eternity alternate Epilogue
:bulletred: Practice human hand and lower body anatomy
:bulletred: Emma ref and icon
:bulletred: 100 theme challenge
:bulletred: Shit for myself
I'm such a strange person. I babble on about things people don't care about and I do it anyways.
Because that's how I am.
It might impact someone.
It makes me feel better.
Its... just how I am.

I'm sort of... detached, so to speak?
I don't feel... anything.
I feel nothing and it's sort of weird.
How can someone feel nothing?
It's weird.
I only feel a large twinge of happiness when I speak to Chey.
Everyone else it's... Nothing.
I don't mind not feeling.
It's nice.
It's better than feeling
It's better than getting hurt.
But I guess it just hurts others.
Especially when I don't want to speak to them so I just... ignore them or say I don't want to talk for days on end.

It's not depression.
I've felt depression.
I have depression.
I just... Only want to talk to my Chey. It's weird. I know I shouldn't let one person become my main source of happiness but hell. I can't help it. She's always been there for me. She helped me and tried to cheer me up when Fritzi and I broke up. She's listened to my pointless rants. She's helped me so much that I just can't help but make her my main source of happiness.

For the longest time, roleplaying was my happiness.
But it's... become sort of a chore. It's become irritating and I'm just.. I don't even know. I should take a break but then what? I'm back to being bored.

You know, I miss my characters.
Miharu, Seraphine, Jacob, Cadfael, Michael, Josiah...
They're so precious to me. I don't know why I ignore them like I do.
But it's ok.
I write for them in my journal.
I love them like my own nonexistent children.

I've met some amazing people during my time on roleplay accounts..
I wouldn't change it.
I won't change it.
Not until I finally get through with it all.

I thank those of you who have tried to cheer me up but I'm just going to be honest and say... It's not working.
It doesn't make me feel any better.
Actually it makes me feel a little bit more worthless.
So a simple metaphorical pat on the back will suffice.
The one thing that I want to hear is "I'm proud of you."
I don't want to hear anything else... Its all meaningless right now.
Just a simple "I'm proud of you." is fine.
After all, I never hear it. I've only heard it once sincerely and that was.. by my mom.
So if you want to say anything of comfort to me.
Just say those four words.
"I'm proud of you."
That's all I need.
Anything else is too much.

Sorry for taking up space and time that you probably could have used better.

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